How to Start a Food Blog

I had no idea what I was getting in to when I decided to start my own food blog. I distinctly remember telling my mother that ‘I’m making the food anyways, I might as well snap some pictures while I’m at it and write about it.”

Boy was I ever wrong.

From website design, to code, to photo set ups, to my food getting cold, to getting angry with the ever-changing sun, to technology failures, I was way in over my head. I had no idea what I was doing. Now, after 5 months of blogging, I have a pretty good handle on what I’m doing but I’m still learning everyday.

If you’re really new to the internet world and all of this is incredibly intimidating, you can speak with the pros over at WP Engine. They have plenty of plans to fit your current needs and will work with you 24/7 to achieve the goals you’re after for your blog.

If you want to do everything completely yourself, however…

Here’s your simple 3 step guide to getting started!

  1. Choose a domain name and hosting

For example, mine is sagelysweet. Cute, right?;). I spent a few days trying to think up different names that would be catchy. I settled on mine because A. I love sage and B. I have a sweet tooth.

So spend some time coming up with what kind of cutesy name will capture the kind of blog you’re aiming for and then head on over to and check to see if the domain is available. You’ll do that by entering the name in the box that says ‘New Domain.’

I would most definitely start with the starter plan. It saves you a bunch of money and, really, you’re getting started. We don’t need anything fancy right now. Not in the beginning.

You’ll also have to host your domain which is like paying rent for your little space on the web. If you go with bluehost, who has fantastic rates, they give you your domain name for free. Woot woot! Savin’ dollas;)

2. Install WordPress

After you’ve finished all of that business with Bluehost, you’re going to need blogging software. For that, I recommend, not .com. is the software that I use for sagelysweet and let me tell ya, it’s easy. Really easy. That was absolutely essential for someone like me who knows nothing about the interwebs. Nothing.

What you do is login to Bluehost and click on the wordpress icon then click install on the Do it for free! Section. Enter the info they ask you to enter and then hit INSTALL NOW!

Under your credentials, you’ll find your admin URL, username and password. Type your admin URL in to your browser and go!

Enter your username and password from your credentials page and there you go! You’re well on your way to publishing your first post! Congrats!

But wait. We need to make it a little more attractive than what they give you in the beginning which bring us to step 3…

Choosing a Theme!

There are loads of free themes available but I didn’t really care for any of them. Below are three that I absolutely love and they’re very affordable!

  1. The Graceful theme. It’s clean, pretty and easy to manage. I adore Restored 316 themes. All of them are just stunning and run perfectly.
  2. The Divine theme. It’s the one I am currently using and I love it. There are so many ways to arrange the layout and it’s so easy to work with.
  3. The Darling theme. Another Restored 316 theme. I absolutely love them. They’re a fantastic company with great support and their themes are absolutely beautiful.

Once you choose one and install it, you’re all set to go!

Not sure how to make beautiful photos? I started out with Pinch of Yum’s Tasty Food Photography e-book. It was incredibly helpful. It’s jam packed with helpful tips and step-by-step instructions/photos on how to make the most beautiful food photos to showcase your drool-worthy recipes!

If you find when you get started that you’re completely in over your head, like I did. Lindsay and her husband, Bjork offer a super fantastic program called Food Blogger Pro for helping you get started.

Once you master the blogosphere (do we ever completely do that?), you might want to try monetizing your little space. Becky and Paula can help you with that! They’re experienced, incredibly successful and immensely helpful in this great big blogging world!

They have a few books, one of which is Blogging on the Side and another invaluable one called Work From Home Blogging. If your goal is to make a living doing what you love, they can absolutely help you get there!

I hope this page is helpful to all of you reading and, as always, if you have any questions, email me any day, any time, and I’ll get back to you asap!

Psssst! This page does contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase anything I have linked to, I get a small commission. That helps me keep my space in the blog world running. I link only to products I 100% believe in and use faithfully. I truly appreciate your support in helping Sagely Sweet keep posting!