Pros and Cons of Smoking and Vaping to Understand Their Difference

One can enjoy any herbs in a number of ways and most commonly people prefer to smoke marijuana that will need combusting or burning.

There is another way nowadays people have started enjoying these herbs, which is known as vaping. You can get dry herb vaporizers easily in the market which can be used for vaping marijuana and its products.

In order to understand the difference between smoking and vaping we are listing out various pros and cons of both vaping and smoking in this write up.

Pros of vaping

As vaping is different from smoking, it has these benefits that you cannot get from smoking.

  1. Produces fewer toxins

Since no burning is involved during vaping no toxins will be produced by the vaporizer while vaping your chosen herbs.

2. No fire hazards

The working of vaporizers is through very carefully and gradually heating the herbs and unlike smoking no need of any fire.

3. Better taste/flavor

Vaping will not affect your taste and you can still enjoy the flavor of the weed that you have selected.

4. Better on our throat and lungs

No harm will be done to your throat/lungs by vaping rather it is a healthier option.

5.  More control of our dose

While vaping you can take measured amount of weed that you will like to vape.

6. Less waste

There will be no wastage like ash or smoke produced in the atmosphere if you vape any weed.

7. Discreet

Vaping will produce very less odor and your neighbor will not be bothered at all for your vaping.

8. Herbs last longer

Each bowl that you will fill will provide much harder hit and also will last longer too.

9. Less costly on longer run

You will be able to get more hits from each bowl which means you will end up burning lesser amounts of herbs overall.

Cons of vaping

1.  Upfront cost

You have to make an initial investment for buying a vaporizer which may be pretty high initial cost that may deter many prospective vapers.

2. Maintenance

Vaporizer that you buy, be it a costly one or cheaper one, will need proper maintenance for effective usage.

Pros of smoking

People have been smoking for a long time and most of the readers are familiar with it. Following are the pros and cons of smoking.

1. Easy to use

People are quite familiar with smoking and it practically does not take too much time to learn smoking.

2. Quick

Vaping may need little time of pre-heating etc. However, smoking is almost instant and you need not wait at all.

3. No maintenance

Unlike vaping, you do not have to use any appliances for smoking and hence no question of any maintenance.

Cons of smoking

1. Flavor

While smoking, its flavor will also spread in the atmosphere that can be a matter of discomfort for others around you, particularly for non-smokers.

2. Burns our throat or lungs

Smoking can burn our throats as well as lungs.

3. Can be costly

For a regular smoker it will be a recurring expense that may be huge during the lifetime.